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Program 1: Exploring the Joint Fact-Finding Approach

We will develop a wide array of scholars and practitioners (mostly in the North America and Asia) in order to articulate generalized approaches to JFF as well as a model process tailored to the Japanese settings.

Program 2: Exploring the Institutionalization of JFF and Meta-approaches

We will explore key institutional arrangements (e.g., legal systems and human resources) that need to be addressed in integrating JFF into making science, technology, and innovation policies. We will also explore possible strategies, such as transition management, in order to institutionalize JFF approaches.

Program 3: Action Research Projects

We will experiment with JFF in real settings, observe the practice, and reflect on it in order to induce key lessons from the following three fields:
Field 1: Energy Policy [held in Tsushima Island, Nagasaki Prefecture]
Field 2: Food Safety [held in Tokyo (TBD)]
Field 3: Marine Spatial Planning [held in Bizen City, Okayama Prefecture and BC, Canada]

Program 4: Networking and Outreach

Three International Symposiums in Tokyo (early 2012, mid 2013, and mid 2014) and multiple teleconferencing International-liaison Workshop sessions every year.